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Becoming Moonlight® is a coordinated group of waterproof, durable, skin-safe body art media developed for henna artists working with hennapage.com. These materials and techniques allow artists to extend body art with white, silver, gold, work, and endless colors.

Henna is not the perfect body art medium for every situation; Becoming Moonlight® was created to extend body art where henna falls short. Henna is best for hands, feet, lower arms and legs. The best areas for Becoming Moonlight® are generally the reverse of henna: shoulders, chests, legs and arms. Becoming Moonlight® can be integrated beautifully with henna.

Henna works well for people who can be patient, who can keep the henna on their skin for several hours before removal. Henna has a narrow range of colors, and gradually fades. Other attempts to extend henna’s color range and shorten the stain time involve the addition of dangerous chemicals that have caused serious injuries for both artists and patrons. Becoming Moonlight® is ready to show off when the painting is done: there is no waiting for the paste to stain or for the color to darken, and the potential colors are endless.

Henna has one narrow range of color based on the oxidation of the lawsone, from orange to very dark sepia. The color fades gradually over three weeks. Becoming Moonlight® body art media has an unlimited range of color and texture. Though Becoming Moonlight® can last up to two weeks depending on placement and care, you can remove it quickly, completely, and easily.

Learn to ornament and extend your body art with Becoming Moonlight®! See what other artists have done! We’ll teach you how to do it too!

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Artist: Catherine Cartwright-Jones
Graphic Montage: Alex Morgan
Poetry: Gwyneddh Jones
Photography: Roy Jones